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NPC Corps I have zero refining tax with

v2.2 by Astecus published 29.05.2015 and last updated 22.12.2015

Below is a list of all NPC corps I have achieved 6.67+ standing with, giving me zero refining/reprocessing tax at all their stations, down from 5% default. Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Rens trade hubs are on the list. I add more corps now and then, feel free to request corps if you are looking for refining in certain places.

I have various amounts of standings with lots of other corps not on this list, and at least some standing with almost all NPC corps in highsec, which means that my skills kicks in and boost standing to at least 2.00, enough to reduce tax from 5% to 3.5%.

The list is sorted alphabetically, first by faction, then by corp name.

NPC Corporation Faction Date added to list
Amarr Navy Amarr Empire 17.10.2015
Ardishapur Family Amarr Empire 29.10.2015
Carthum Conglomerate Amarr Empire 08.10.2015
Civic Court Amarr Empire 01.08.2013
Court Chamberlain Amarr Empire 28.10.2015
Ducia Foundry Amarr Empire 30.10.2015
Emperor Family Amarr Empire 01.08.2013
Imperial Armaments Amarr Empire 13.10.2015
Imperial Chancellor Amarr Empire 19.10.2015
Imperial Shipment Amarr Empire 11.10.2015
Joint Harvesting Amarr Empire 05.10.2015
Ministry of Assessment Amarr Empire 08.10.2014
Ministry of Internal Order Amarr Empire 17.10.2015
Nurtura Amarr Empire 12.10.2014
Theology Council Amarr Empire 28.10.2015
Caldari Navy Caldari State 01.08.2013
Caldari Steel Caldari State 31.10.2015
CBD Corporation Caldari State 01.11.2015
Chief Executive Panel Caldari State 05.06.2015
Expert Distribution Caldari State 01.08.2013
Expert Housing Caldari State 01.08.2013
Hyasyoda Corporation Caldari State 01.08.2013
Internal Security Caldari State 02.01.2014
Mercantile Club Caldari State 04.06.2015
Modern Finances Caldari State 28.05.2015
Prompt Delivery Caldari State 01.11.2015
Propel Dynamics Caldari State 20.10.2015
Spacelane Patrol Caldari State 15.01.2014
State and Region Bank Caldari State 27.09.2013
Sukuuvestaa Corporation Caldari State 29.10.2015
Wiyrkomi Corporation Caldari State 31.10.2015
Zainou Caldari State 27.09.2013
Astral Mining Inc. Gallente Federation 01.10.2014
Federal Administration Gallente Federation 01.08.2013
Federation Navy Gallente Federation 01.08.2013
Garoun Investment Bank Gallente Federation 01.10.2015
Impetus Gallente Federation 29.10.2015
Pend Insurance Gallente Federation 01.08.2013
Roden Shipyards Gallente Federation 21.10.2015
TransStellar Shipping Gallente Federation 01.11.2015
Quafe Company Gallente Federation 31.10.2015
Brutor Tribe Minmatar Republic 08.10.2015
Core Complexion Inc. Minmatar Republic 10.10.2015
Freedom Extension Minmatar Republic 18.10.2014
Minmatar Mining Corporation Minmatar Republic 13.10.2015
Republic Parliament Minmatar Republic 17.10.2015
Six Kin Development Minmatar Republic 17.10.2015
Sisters of EVE Servant Sisters of EVE 02.10.2014

Corps with zero tax: 48
Rough number of NPC corps with stations in highsec: 200

Reprocessing tax formula

According to this forumpost, the formula to calculate the tax rate is:

5 - (0.75 * standing)

This seems to be correct according to my limited testing, so if you have an effective standing of say 2.56, the formula looks like this:

5 - (0.75 * 2.56) = 3.08% tax.

Farming standings

I have done thousands of missions and hundreds of storylines, and have learned a thing or two about how to speed up standing gains. Storyline missions are really important as they give a huge boost to corp standing (higher than the faction standing, sometimes over 30%), and even though distribution missions give less standing than security, you can often do them much faster, which means faster storylines. Distribution missions are also easy to do on a second monitor while doing other things, and a blockade runner gets down to 3 sec align time with 11.4 AU/s warp speed, almost as fast as my Dramiel taxi.

So when I want to check the farming potential for a certain NPC corp, I use the agent finder a lot, and the first thing I look at is the location of storyline agents, then how many level 3 and level 4 distribution agents, and how close they are to said storyline agents (lots of back and forth with the agent finder and 'system info' -> 'adjacent systems' to check this, if you don't want to jump to each system). If the corp doesn't have any good distribution agents, I check other corps in the same faction, since you always get sent to the closest storyline belonging to the same faction as the agent you are using. I have farmed up two corps at once this way, one having the distribution agent and the other having the storyline agent (the one with the storyline always goes up faster).

That is the preliminary check you can do 25 jumps away, but you never really know where that particular agent will send you, so then I do some test runs to get a feel for the agent. If you are lucky, the agent never sends you to lowsec and often to a station in the same system. If you are really lucky, you get several such agents in the same station, so you can pick up multiple missions at once. If you are unlucky, you often get sent 5 jumps into busy lowsec or 10-15 jumps across highsec. These things depend heavily on placement of stations in the area and is hard to predict in advance. With good agents, it can take down to 1-2 days of dedicated mission running for me to reach zero tax with the corp.

I always try level 4 agents first because of more standing, but a good level 3 agent can often be better than a bad level 4. Advantages to level 3 agents:

  • Generally sends you fewer jumps away.
  • Might send you to stations in the same system (very quick).
  • Cargo always fits in a blockade runner without cargo expanders (3x istabs = 2 sec faster align).
  • Needs less standing to gain access to.

If I haven't got any requests for zero tax with particular corps, I look at the size of various corps and try to do those that are "Huge" or "Large" first, since they probably have more stations. I kind of have a plan to work towards zero tax with every NPC corp, but that will probably take years, so I'm not going to promise anything.

I have however gotten used to juggling faction standing to keep them all above 3 for access to level 3 agents, but getting all four factions above 5 standing for level 4 agents is tricky. Caldari and Gallente standing is easy to keep both above 5 (even 6), mainly because of Sisters of EVE really boosting Gallente standing with minimal penalty to Caldari/Amarr. Amarr vs Minmatar is the tricky part, and I'm struggling to get the combined effective standing above 9.3. So when I keep Amarr between 5 and 6, Minmatar tends to stay between 3 and 4.

Declining missions

I usually decline lowsec missions, but then you might hit that 4 hour declining delay, and I recently decided to try declining even then, and found that the standing loss with the corp was much lower than I expected (-0.1268%), roughly half of what I normally got from finishing those particular missions. I also got a very small faction standing hit, but it was so tiny (-0.0105%) that it was hardly noticable, nothing like the -2.4% hit you can get from shooting factions. If these numbers represent an average, declining a 7 jump mission to get the usual 3 jump mission might actually be worth it.

I even decline storylines sometimes, if they want me to haul 40k m3 deep into lowsec or want me to shoot other empire factions, which can quickly mess up my faction standings. However, recently I started clearing those anti-empire combat missions with an alt instead, as such storylines doesn't happen that often and the alt would need a ton of such standing hits before they become a problem.

Storyline missions

After you have done 16 missions from the same level of agent belonging to the same faction, you get sent to the closest storyline agent belonging to that faction. This is a hidden counter, but it can be useful to keep track of it, I sometimes count missions in the standing transactions window (rightclick standing numbers).

If there are several storyline agents at the same distance, it seems to be random which one you get sent to first. But since you will never receive another mission from the same agent you have a pending mission offer from, you can ignore missions from uninteresting agents for up to a week to force missions from more interesting agents nearby. As long as you keep doing the missions from the interesting agent, the next storyline should be from that same agent.

Don't forget mission offers though, as I believe offers that expire after a week might give standing hits as well. Then it is much better to just decline first.

Storyline agents supposedly also belong to different types like distribution/mining/security, but they don't seem to obey this, I keep getting distribution missions from security agents and vice versa (I can't recall getting any mining missions though).

Those few combat missions

Because of this, I regularly get combat missions which have very nice rewards but which is very tricky to do with my blockade runner (or any combat ship that might fit in the cargo). This is when an idle alt in a combat ship comes in very handy, just tagging along in the general direction while my blockade runner jumps all over doing a bunch of missions in minmatar space, then jumping 25 jumps to amarr space and continue there (to juggle that faction standing). I've been using a slow Golem for this and haven't had much problem keeping up as it usually takes a while for the combat missions to arrive.

Advantages to this is that the blockade runner can just fleet warp the alt to the mission, cancel warp and continue doing distribution missions and just leave the combat to the alt, which will even soak up faction standing hits, making those rare storyline anti-empire combat missions much less problematic, as this alt doesn't need high standings.

I have been using a Golem for several reasons: Large cargohold, long tractor range, great tank, but especially auto-targeting missiles which are awesomely relaxing, just poke any single rat once to aggro all of them (combat drones work great), then start up auto-missiles and don't bother locking anything else in the room. With a Mobile Tractor Unit and salvage drones, you can even loot and salvage without locking anything.

Salvage drone tip: You can start them up in auto-mode if you engage with no targets locked or engage live rats within drone range, but engaging locked wrecks will surprisingly have them only salvage that one wreck and then go idle.

Blockade runner worries

When I first considered blockade runners for distribution missions, I was worried that I would get suicide ganked since they can't cargoscan me and find that I don't have anything valuable. However, when I found that it was fairly easy to fit enough tank to be impossible to be alphaed by a single tornado, I decided to try. I have now jumped all over highsec quite a lot without any incident, so my conclusion is that blockade runners is definately worth it, just for the sheer speed alone.

Autopiloting in a blockade runner is a bad idea, but I tended to keep warping manually even before when I used a Wreathe, so that wasn't much of a loss. I should also mention that I rarely bother to cloak in highsec, but the nice covops cloak has however made me risk doing a few lowsec missions, when I have had the extra attention to spare.

For a long time I used a Viator fit, but then I trained Minmatar Industrial 5 and switched to a Prowler fit instead, when I noticed that it could get a more even omnitank, with lowest resist having 20k EHP, but also notably twice as much EHP against EM, which is a common damage type from tornadoes. It also has smaller sig radius as well as higher velocity, nice when approaching stations. The only drawback is slightly less cargo, which means that when I get level 4 missions with 7200 m3 cargo (fairly common), I need 3 cargo expanders instead of just 2 like in the Viator.