This site and all my EVE activities reflected here are currently on hold indefinitely. Others might still keep some things running, contact them directly about any matters.

Sanctuary History

Published 04.03.2015, updated 09.03.2015

The corp now known as Astral Sanctuary started accepting applications in august 2013, but then under the name Astral Mining. The name Sanctuary came a few weeks later, once we started receiving continuous wardecs and it became clear that we needed many divisions and a proper naming convention for them. 10 divisions was created and as the wardecs came regularly, we saw that this division system actually worked quite well and that we generally had very little trouble avoiding the wars that came.

Applications also kept coming steadily, In february 2014 we passed 100 members (96 male, 4 female). I was the only one processing applications and because of the corp-jumping nature of the corp combined with my high standards/morals, training and organizing recruiters to help with applications was both daunting and practically difficult, as roles had to be dropped regularly. This, combined with me burning myself out by doing too much at once (23/7 mining fleet in 5 systems, a reward program for anti-ganking, my refining service, various other things as well as a steady stream of good corp applications, each taking up to 30 min to process), finally led to me putting both my mining fleet and corp applications on hold in March 2014. At the time, we had 153 accepted applications and I still have 10-20 unprocessed applications buried in my inbox somewhere.

Even though applications were on hold, I did keep corp jumping going for our exixting members, and we still received a fair bit of wardecs. However, with no new members and my EVE activities diminished, the corp started shrinking fairly quickly. When 2015 came about, the number of active corp members was down to just a handful.

Friendly Fire changes

With Tiamat released in February 2015, CCP enabled corps to be able to choose whether friendly fire should be something CONCORD responds to. This was a change I loved so much that I started thinking about restarting corp applications again. With awoxing gone, processing applications could be 90% less stressing and time-consuming, since the application process could be made much simpler. And no longer would I feel the ever increasing responsibility to keep awoxers out as my corp grew bigger and bigger, with more and more potensial targets. While I never actually saw any awoxing happen, I had noticed an increasing amount of poor applications as I continued my anti-ganking activities and successfully stopped numerous ganks. I knew that if they ever decided to make a real attempt to get inside the corp, there would be little I could do.

I decided to re-evaluate the whole corp and see how simplified things could be made. I also realized that if I managed to grow a corp of 150 people over 7-8 months, each submitting a rather extensive corp application, growing a corp of 1500 people didn't seem that far out with a simpler application process. With such numbers, wardec costs would ramp up, making it less interesting to wardec us. It would also send a clear message to CCP that it doesn't make much sense that we have to make our peaceful playstyle vulnerable to wardecs to gain access to social features or zero tax.