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Astral Rules

v1.1 by Astevon 08 June 2016, first published 06 March 2016

  1. Stay respectful in all communication channels, including local, convos, mail, forums, voice comms, etc.
  2. Placing bounties is not allowed.
  3. Scamming, stealing, extortion and blackmail is not allowed.
  4. Piracy is not allowed (attacking targets clearly not looking for a fight).
  5. Suicide ganking is only allowed against other active suicide gankers as a method to counter them.
  6. Multiboxers can only mine with up to 7 miners at the same time in highsec.
  7. Bumping is only allowed as a method to counter bumping/suicide ganking or against multiboxers mining with more than 7 miners at the same time in highsec.
  8. Having mining permits or other CODE-supporting stuff in the bio is not allowed.
  9. Customs offices cannot have a player taxrate higher than 5%.
  10. Declaring war or getting others to declare war is only allowed against corps/alliances that either continue to break any of these rules or has an offline POS in highsec.


These rules apply to all 'Astral Channels', whether the type of channel is corp, alliance, fleet or standalone chat channel. This includes all channels with 'Astral' in the name created by me, such as Astral Sanctuary, Astral Mining, Astral Industries, Astral Peacekeepers, Astral Mining Fleet, Astral AG Fleet, Astral Chat as well as any such future channels I might create.

The rules may in the future also apply to some channels created by me without Astral in the name.

If anyone wants to run a channel under the Astral name and have it supported by me, they will have to enforce these same rules in that channel. Furthermore, if anyone wants to incorporate these rules anywere, you are welcome to link to this page.


The primary intention with these rules is to encourage people to be nice to each other and create an environment where people can relax and not worry about being treated badly in all kinds of ways. These rules are not intended to be used to treat people badly.

A secondary intention is to make it easier to moderate channels, as clearly defined rules makes it easier to know what to do in many situations.


Violations can lead to banning from all Astral Channels, so in the case of a member of Astral Sanctuary violating these rules, he/she might be banned from the corp as well as other Astral Channels. Depending on the severity, violators might be given a warning and a chance to change their behavior, or be banned instantly. There will always be a possibility to remedy the reason for being banned, but it will require some sincere intentions of behaving better.

Enforcement is stricter in private channels with higher access requirements compared to public channels such as Astral Chat.


I won't be running around looking for violators, so it's important that people report ongoing violations. But you might want to confront the violator first, maybe remind them about the rules and see if they want to conform. Linking this page should make this easier.


Feel free to voice your opinion if you think some things should be changed, like the 7 miners or 5% POCO tax for instance. I'm open to all constructive feedback.

I also hope to add a show/hide feature in the future, for elaborations/examples under each rule. It would have been added already if I hadn't encountered some technical difficulties.