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Copypasted mail to bumped ships

v1.0 by Astecus published 26.12.2015 and last updated 26.12.2015

Feel free to copypaste this into a new mail and send to anyone you see being bumped, for a simple way to educate them. It has formatting and links prepared, which comes into effect once you paste it into the mail. Click inside the fields and press ctrl+a and ctrl+c to copy.


Copypasted mail to bumped ships v1.0

1. DO NOT DUEL STRANGERS, they will kill you instead of webbing/repairing you.

2. Try to relax, freighters/orcas do escape bumpers regularly for all kinds of reasons.

3. Don't pay ransoms.

4. Avoid/cancel web duels as webbing doesn't help once bumping has started and the duel will stop logi from repairing you.

5. Join Gank-Intel channel and post that you are being bumped, include system name and where in system, name of bumper and your ship type. This is where anti-gankers look first (gankers already know this info). Keep Gank-Intel updated about changes in your situation without spamming.

6. Find out if there are active gank fleets around, Gank-Intel is a great place to ask. If not, they are probably bumping you just to make you think you are in danger. They need at least 4 pilots to gank a cargoexpanded freighter, a lot more if they want to use cheap catalysts.

7. Fleet up with trusted anti-gankers, this gives them warpin which can be important if you are bumped 100km+ away from gate. They can often protect you with EWAR, logi and other methods, even boost your tank with fleet boost. Official list of trusted anti-gankers will hopefully be on soon. Risks from being in fleet with gankers is limited to giving them another type of warpin (they got this already) and your potential wreck being white to them, so they can loot without turning suspect.

8. Try warping to something in the direction you are being bumped - you should warp instantly if things align. Fleet members can navigate into position 150km+ away for this. Difficult if the bumper is good, but dock up if it works. Turning on the tactical overlay might help (ctrl+d). Use ctrl+space to cancel warp each time it's not working.

9. Try safe logoff from escape menu in bottom right corner - rarely works but gives you lots of feedback. Won't work if you are locked or lots of other reasons, but tells you clearly what the reason is.

10. Try regular logoff - if they don't concord something against you within 60 sec giving you 15 min logoff timer, your ship will vanish from space and be safe. They do this regularly, but sometimes too late. Use alt or friend to know if it worked. If it didn't, log back in so that your ship receives tank from your skills.

11. Try doubleclicking in the opposite direction of bumps, this might slow you down faster so you can align into warp faster. Approaching the bumper might accomplish the same thing if the bumper doesn't move sideways a lot. Use ctrl+space to cancel warp first.

12. Stay moving - if a gank fleet lands on you, you want to be moving away from them as fast as possible. Even if only moving at 100 m/s, this can still make a big difference if some gankers are being tracking disrupted by anti-gankers, which is getting more and more common.


This mail can be verified against the original posted at, made available for anyone to copypaste, with formatting and links prepared. is run by Astecus, creator of channels Gank-Intel and Anti-ganking, the Astral MiningFleet, the Astral Sanctuary corp, the Astral Refining service among other things. For people not familiar with anti-gankers, he should be among the easiest to trust.