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About Hyperdunking

v1.1 by Astecus published 03.05.2015 and last updated: 06.03.2016

NOTE: This page is just here for reference now, as hyperdunking became history following the patch on November 3rd 2015:

A character with a criminal flag in a high-sec system is no longer able to board/switch ships whilst in space.

Hyperdunking is the act of boarding new gank ships while still being criminal, to chain gank much more often than once every 15 min. After concord pops their gank ship, they wait out the 60 sec weapons timer while warping pod 150km+ away to board a prepared shuttle which pulls concord away from gank site. After concord pops their shuttle, they warp pod back to gank site, board a new gank ship and continue to shoot their target. CCP states this as legitimate gameplay in this post.

A more intuitive name could be slowganking, but hyperdunking seem to be sticking.

Hyperdunking lowers the number of gankers needed to pop big targets drastically (examples one, two, three), but it depends on the target being AFK and is also unusually easy to disrupt by anti-gankers, as many different methods can be quite effective. Globby, the guy who popularized 'hyperdunking', even describes anti-gankers as 'extremely disruptive' to hyperdunkers in this article.

Ganking structures has also become more common because of hyperdunking, especially offline POS hangar arrays and the like.

Both gank ships and shuttles can either be ejected in space or stored in ship maintenance bays. It seems that they tend to eject shuttles while keeping gank ships in a bowhead. They can use any ship instead of shuttles, but preparing rookie ships take up more time.

Detecting a hyperdunk attempt is a great tool to discover ongoing attempts if you see a ganker lose gank ships with few minutes in between. It also tends to be the same few gankers that engage in hyperdunking, so there are not that many to keep tabs on. Seeing lots of shuttles on d-scan can be a hint as well, but keep in mind that they could use a Mobile Scan Inhibitor to hide their shuttles.

They often bump freighters off grid, so you might need probes to find them.

Ways to stop it

  • Most regular methods used by anti-gankers generally work just as well against hyperdunking, but note that TD can be unreliable if their target is a structure, as they can stay at 0 meters range more easily.
  • Logistics can be more effective than usual, as you have periods where you can repair without them doing any damage. Any cap-stable fit will do well here and AFK targets are less likely to be in limited engagement making you suspect (especially structures).
  • Wake up target somehow, a freighter being hyperdunked will not be warp jammed constantly, so the pilot could warp away. Gankers normally use bumping to stop this, but this could bump the target away from their gank ships, whether they are in space or stored in a slow bowhead.
  • Bumping either the target or their bowhead can increase the distance between cache of gank ships and the target, making gank ships waste time approaching, as they have less than 25 sec once boarded.
  • Lock empty ships - This prevent people from boarding them.
  • Scoop empty ships - This can be done with an orca or bowhead, you could scoop up their cache of shuttles very quickly this way.
  • Board empty ships - You can do all kinds of things with boarded ships, for instance duel your alt/friend and have them destroy boarded shuttles one by one which is faster than self-destructing.
  • Catch pods - If you manage to point a ganker pod, you could refuse to pop it, forcing him to wait at least 2 minutes for self-destruct, increasing the time it takes for him to board the next gank ship.
  • Pop pods - It could take a few extra seconds between the ganker pod landing and being able to board a ship from a bowhead, it might be easier to sneak in a volley during this window.


Their gank ships needs to be pre-fitted and takes time to refit once in space. Use this to your advantage.

If you have additional methods that might work or anything else that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to mail me (Astecus) about it.