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How to be Respectful

Published: 14.05.2015 - Updated: 06.10.2015

I manage several chat channels (public/private/corp/fleet) and in all of them I tell people to 'stay respectful'. If you google 'how to be respectful', you will find many different ways to describe many different aspects. Below I try to describe the aspects that I feel relate the most to these channels. Respect is an intangible thing and comes in all shades of grey, which can make it hard for moderators to know when and where to draw the line. But if you have the slightest true desire to be respectful, you will most likely do just fine.

  1. Doing nothing is enough - I want to state this first, to make it clear that if you do absolutely nothing in the channel, you will automatically be considered respectful enough to stay (unless you are removed for a different reason). This also shows how easy it really is to be respectful enough in my channels, and that it's not too much to ask from people at all.
  2. Use english so as many as possible can understand you. Move other languages to other channels or private conversations.
  3. Don't call people names - Calling a ganker nasty things is quite disrespectful and can get you moderated quickly, especially since this is something so easy to avoid - just skip the names. Saying 'you mean person with no respect for other people's feelings' to a ganker can not only be honest, but also funny.
  4. Don't spread misinformation - If you are found to deliberately do this, you will be banned quickly. However, sometimes people end up doing this unknowingly, and this is where I would ask you to stay humble and be honest about it if you don't know the answer to a question or are not 100% sure about something. Also, if you state that a suggested fit is bad without providing clear reasoning, you will be considered to be deliberately spreading misinformation.
  5. Don't troll - A few jokes here and there is generally okay as long as it's obvious, but spinning up all kinds of sentences just to get a response from people is not okay.
  6. Respect people's time - Time is precious to everyone, but if you never care to proofread yourself or make sure your sentences are easy to understand, you might be wasting more of other people's time than you save of your own. If you avoid being honest about stuff or engage in excessive typing (spamming), you might also be wasting people's time.
  7. Respect people's free will - Everyone has free will, which dictate that they have the right to make the free will choise to for instance try to kill someone (but not having the right to succeed). So while you might get angry that they tried to kill you, if you stay respectful, you wouldn't attack their choise in any way beyond perhaps stating the simple fact that it was not a nice thing to do, which they are allowed to do, but is not something you support.

Ignoring some of these things will result in moderation faster than others, but anyone refusing to change behaviour after being confronted will eventually be removed.