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Anti-ganking for Orcas

Published: 23.09.2013 - Updated: 06.06.2013

My recommendation for orca pilots is fairly simple: ALWAYS FIT A DAMAGE CONTROL!!!

This is the single most important thing you can do. Most of the effective hitpoints in an orca comes from structure, and fitting a damage control will roughly double your EHP. Contrary, what many orca pilots tends to do, is fit expanded cargoholds in the lowslots, which significantly lower your structure hitpoints. An orca (600 mill ship) with 2 cargo expanders will sometimes have less EHP than your average procurer (20 mill ship), and will attract gankers like flies to a lamp. They sometimes need as few as 8 maxed catalysts to gank an undertanked orca, and many will come running if they find one. Fitting just a damage control will double this number, making it that much harder to rally enough gankers.

As long as you have a damage control, you have lots of options for the other slots, depending on your needs. If you are hauling, it can be worth it to fit one cargo expander in the other low slot. Mid slots are often used for shield tank, I recommend 2x large shield extenders and 2x invulnerability fields, unless you have other specific modules you want to fit. The orca actually has a huge bonus to survey scanner range, but not that many fit survey scanners.

The new hull rigs are great for orca boosters, while cargo rigs might be preferable if you are hauling.

If you still find yourself being bumped off a gate until they can rally enough gankers to gank you, you might want to join the anti-ganking channel and ask for assistance - a few ECM/logistics pilots can often throw gankers off their required damage, and they might have time to reach you before it's too late.

Recording of 38man failed orca gank in Otela

An orca pilot in my fleet had fitted a damage control and a cargo expander, and ended up being targeted by 38 cheap T1 fitted catalysts during the caldari ice interdiction. The damage control saved him, he would have been toast without it.

Watch and learn: (out of game browser)
A screenshot the orca pilot took after he docked:

He had good shield tank in mid slots, but no tank rigs. He was also receiving good tank bonuses from my fleet, and I jammed 2-3 catalysts with my griffin, which might be what one of the gankers mentions. The ganker that is recording also forgot to turn his safety to red, funnily enough. It is hard to say if the orca would have survived without these things, but if he had not had the damage control, he would have been toast for sure.

Kudos to KhrisKruel for sharing the recording!

Local chat log:
[ 2013.08.23 01:49:49 ] Jimwinz > so many flashy pods 0.0
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:13 ] Astecus > Orca survived with 25% hull
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:23 ] Count Rais > lol nice
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:26 ] Ev00 > Thats not Fair!
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:32 ] Jimwinz > haha
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:36 ] MBizon Osis > lol
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:45 ] Ev00 > We wanted to kill an orca :(
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:49 ] KhrisKruel > So I frapsed that one, and it has me frantically trying to figure out why my guns didn't work, hit red and confirm, and then we all died
[ 2013.08.23 01:50:55 ] Ev00 > you cheated
[ 2013.08.23 01:51:40 ] Panhead4411 > how the crap are you instantly de-spawning concord?
[ 2013.08.23 01:51:44 ] Sluggo Z > Repairing these items will cost 32,327,770.00 ISK. Are you sure you want to do this?
[ 2013.08.23 01:52:07 ] Sluggo Z > if you've got fraps, i'd love to see it
[ 2013.08.23 01:52:59 ] Panhead4411 > Sluggo Z convo yo....
[ 2013.08.23 01:53:27 ] Ev00 > Sluggo Z You have shown great potention. Would you like to join goonswarm?
[ 2013.08.23 01:53:34 ] Ev00 > potential even