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Fleet mechanics

Published: 06.09.2013 - Updated: 09.10.2013

NOTE: This section is currently just here for reference, as my fleet has been down since March 2014 and I'm not sure if or when I will run a mining fleet again. Join channel 'Astral Chat' to see if others might run similar fleets. I want to keep this mining fleet section as it was, since the fleet meant a great deal to me.

The fleet system is quite complex, and many miners might not have had the need to learn how it works. First of all, always set to view the fleet as hierarchy. Many important things are not possible when viewing it as a flat list. To find this option, click the settings-icon in the top left corner of the fleet window. (The 4 small horizontal lines on top of each other means a settings menu, they are often hard to notice, and I may not have discovered all of them yet...)

A fleet can consist of a fleet commander and 5 wings, each wing containing a wing commander and 5 squads, each squad having room for 1 squad commander and 9 squad members, for a total of 256 fleet members total. This hierarcy can be created by anyone independent of their skills, but to have fleet bonuses forwarded properly down the hierarcy, a set of conditions needs to be met.

There are 2 roles that are important to understand in this regard - boosters and commanders. There can be 3 different types of boosters in a fleet - squad boosters, wing boosters and a single fleet booster. Usually a squad commander will also be squad booster for his squad, the same goes for wing commanders and fleet commanders. Every booster will boost himself and everybody below him, assuming each step below has a valid commander undocked and in the same system (except wing commanders will not receive bonus from fleet booster due to a bug). A squad member can receive bonuses from both his squad booster, wing booster and fleet booster at the same time. There are a wide range of potensial types of bonuses possible, but if two boosters are giving out the same type of bonus, only the highest bonus will apply.

You can read more about fleets at

My mining bonuses

When I have a maxed orca booster, which I have had in Otela since the beginning, you will get the bonuses described below. Until my orca boosters in other systems becomes maxed, they will have a percentage of these bonuses, as seen in the fleet graphic and in the fleet MOTD.

Most importantly, from using Laser Optimization II, you get a 32.34% reduction of your mining laser cycle time, which translates to about 48% more ice/gas mined. For ore miners, you need to add the 15% flat yield bonus from the Mining Foreman Mindlink first, which then translates to about 69% more ore mined.

For the second ganglink, I use Mining Laser Field Enhancement II, which gives you 73.31% more range on your mining lasers. This will boost strip miners from 15km range to over 25km and ice harvesters from 10km to over 17km.

For the third ganglink, I use Harvester Capacitor Efficiency II, which gives you 32.34% reduction of capacitor usage on your mining lasers. This is an almost useless bonus, but since Odyssey 1.1 I can't activate any warfare links inside a POS forcefield any more, so I switched the armor resist link with this one, since I still want to stay inside the forcefield with my orca.

Other bonuses

In addition to bonuses from ganglinks, all my boosting orcas will eventually get maxed basic fleet skills as well, which gives you the following:

  • 10% shield HP
  • 10% armor HP
  • 10% targeting range
  • 10% targeting speed.
  • 10% agility.

I also have a maxed vulture fleet booster sporting 4 warfare links, providing the following bonuses to the Otela wing:

  • 15% shield HP (overwriting 10% from orca)
  • 15% targeting range (overwriting 10% from orca)
  • 25.88% shield resistance
  • 18% armor resistance
  • 51.75% targeting range and sensor strength
  • 34.5% ECM and target painting strength
  • 21.56% sensor dampening and tracking disruption strength

My squad commanders in other wings/systems might end up in a similar vulture, although they will only be able to boost one squad.

Things needed to give maxed mining boost

Some people have asked what they need to be able to give out the same mining bonuses as me. You need the following:

  • Mining Foreman level 5
  • Mining Foreman Mindlink which requires Cybernetics level 5
  • Warfare Link Specialist level 5
  • Industrial Command Ships level 5 for Orca (fitting suggestion)
  • or Capital Industrial Ships level 5 for Rorqual outside highsec
  • High enough Leadership/Wing Command/Fleet Command skills to be able to share the bonuses with all the fleet members you want to boost
  • Enough squad/wing commanders to forward the bonuses to all of them