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Catching outlaws

Published 06.06.2014, updated 06.06.2014

Catching outlaws can be a very effective way of stopping them from suicide ganking, since it stops them from even reaching their target, and gives them a feeling that it might be tricky to actually reach their target in this area. I have seen gankers move elsewhere or stay docked after being catched.

This method will of course rely on the fact that the ganker you are trying to stop actually is an outlaw, which means having a security status of -5 or lower. It also relies on the ganker actually using gates, and you being able to somehow predict which one.

The easiest place to catch them will be the other side of gates they jump through, where they can't warp instantly to bookmarks. A skilled catalyst will align in 4 seconds according to EFT, and if you count at least 1 second delay from cloak wearing off and reaction time, you may have up to 2-3 seconds to lock and warp jam (point) them. A fast-locking ship with 2 sensor boosters can often lock in under 1 second, which seems to be enough to reliably catch them.

When jumping through a gate, you will always end up 12-13 km away from the gate at the other side. So if you overload a T2 warp disruptor to 28.8km, you should have enough range to point no matter where they decloak, as long as you stay close to the gate itself. I recommend orbiting the gate at 500m, this way you can quickly jump through it if needed (remember that engaging someone gives you a 60 seconds weapons timer, preventing you from jumping/docking). I recommend keeping your warp disruptor pre-overloaded and remember to repair between catching.

To point as fast as possible, I recommend making a dedicated overview tab that only shows these particular ships, pre-activate your warp disruptor (click/press it so it starts blinking and your cursor becomes a crosshair) and be ready to click on the ganker as soon as he decloaks. Once you click him, you will automatically lock and engage with the pre-activated modules.

When you do get a point on an outlaw, I recommend orbiting at 20km or so, then wait for faction police to show up and start shooting. This can take up to 35 seconds in 0.5 systems it seems. You can of course do damage yourself as well, engaging them with drones might provoke them into attacking your drones, giving them a weapons timer that denies jumping. If they fitted a prop mod, they may have enough speed to reapproach gate and jump before faction police pops them.

Once faction police has pointed them, you can stop your own point, unlock the ganker and prepare to catch his pod - you might be lucky.

Most gankers don't fit prop mods, but be aware that if a catalyst fits a MWD and you point him, he might be able to get close to you and apply quite a bit of damage without the gate guns shooting him (since you started a limited engagement). Faction police will still shoot him, but they can be a bit slow.

Below are some fits that should work well for catching outlaws, but always try to adjust to the situation at hand. Sometimes you want 2 disruptors instead, sometimes you want a tracking disruptor to counter traps, sometimes you want AB instead of MWD, etc. Remember that most gankers have warp scrambler fitted, so if they get close enough, they can turn off your MWD.

Skiff Gate Catcher

  • Great tank - around 50k EHP, so you can butt head against multiple destroyers without sweating.
  • Does up to 644 m/s with scram-immune AB, making it easy to keep range on gankers without prop mod.
  • Easy to fit, just offline the mining laser if needed.
  • Uses the same rigs as the ECM Skiff, so easy to swap fits.
  • The Skiff has plenty of capacitor.
  • 351 dps with maxed skills, enough to pop an untanked Talos in 28 seconds. He can pop you in 30 seconds, provided he is able to stay close.
  • Expensive.
  • Takes a long time to train for.
  • May have trouble keeping range on gankers with prop mod.

Slasher Gate Catcher

  • The Slasher is very cheap, so you don't have to worry too much about losing it.
  • Quick to train for.
  • Some T1 frigates have 5 midslots, but the Slasher locks faster even with 1 sensor booster less.
  • Has 4-5k EHP, so you can take a few hits from sniping destroyers.
  • Does 2700-3100 m/s, making it easy to keep range on any gankers.
  • Does up to 258 alpha damage, enough to pop a pod in 2-3 volleys.
  • Fragile if gankers wants to set up a trap for you.
  • Vulnerable to MWD scramming.
  • May struggle with capacitor if you want to run 2 warp disruptors.
  • Tight on powergrid.

Stiletto Gate Catcher

  • Very fast, 3100-3400 m/s can keep most ships at the range you want.
  • Locks very fast, down to 0.6 seconds on a catalyst.
  • High speed and small signature radius makes you quite hard to hit, unless you get tackled.
  • With an EHP of 5-6k, you should be able to take a few hits nonetheless.
  • Does up to 117 alpha damage, enough to pop a pod eventually.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Takes a while to train for.
  • Fragile and tasty target if gankers wants to set up a trap for you.
  • Vulnerable to MWD scramming.
  • Tight on both CPU and powergrid.
  • Tight on the capacitor, but if you have maxed skills, you could drop the cap rig.

Succubus Gate Catcher

  • Does up to 1864 m/s, slightly faster than destroyers with MWD.
  • The scram-immune AB can't be turned off by gankers.
  • High speed and small signature radius makes you quite hard to hit.
  • With an EHP of 6-7k, you should be able to take a few hits nonetheless.
  • Does up to 292 alpha damage, enough to pop a pod in 2 volleys.
  • Expensive.
  • Caldari Frigate level 5 is needed to get max speed.
  • Tasty target if gankers wants to set up a trap for you.