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Characters banned from Astral Sanctuary

Published 04.03.2015, updated 30.08.2015

This is a list of characters that have been a member of Sanctuary in the past but is currently not welcome back. People listed here are welcome to contact Astecus if they want to remedy the reason for being banned.

Name/Alts Date Reason for being banned
Evoliuma, Zz Lazer 27.01.2014 Continued to act quite selfish in many situations, did admit some flaws but reverted back into selfish behaviour. Was finally banned after projecting lots of rage at a corp member just because of a tiny misunderstanding.
Zerakul Yarekes 09.06.2014 Suddenly started heavy trash talking and didn't care to stop when asked to.
Overlay One, SocialDamage 30.08.2015 Violated our rule against bounties by putting a bounty on a miner in CODE style and instead of answering inquiries about it, joined CODE outright.