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Old Example Application

Published 07.08.2013, updated 09.03.2015

Note: This old example application is outdated and is only here for reference.

Corp Application
From: Astecus
Sent: 2013.10.13 12:40
To: Astecus,

What gender are you?

I am male.

What year were you born?

I was born in 1984, currently 28 years old.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from Norway, and I currently live on the west coast of Norway, the closest city is Bergen.

What languages do you speak?

I speak norwegian fluently and english pretty good.

What is your current occupation?

I have a disability pension, so I am not working. The last time I tried having a job was in 2005/2006 and I have no plans to try to have a job again. I don't mix very well with expectations and requirements.

What are your main interests outside of EVE?

I am very interested in systems, building systems, improving systems, from arranging the laundry in a good way, to ponder about better monetary and political systems. I tend to play around with websites a lot, when I have energy for it. I also play lots of other games, and find video games in general an interesting thing. I am also interested in basically anything that can make this planet a better place to be.

How did you hear about the corp?

Uhm, I listened to my mind :P

What are all your character names, and which of them do you want to join the corp with?

Astevon, Astenin, Astesus, Astesia, Astecus, Astegia, Astekar, Asteka, Astegor, Astesa, Astegon, Astema, Astefar, Astefa. Most of them want to stay in Astral Sanctuary, while Astevon will eventually become CEO of Astral Guardians and Astesia will jump to a new empty corp to fly the Otela Archon safely. Astenin will stay as CEO in a corp suitable for a hisec POS.

Why do you play EVE? What is fun about EVE for you?

When I first tried EVE, I just wanted to fly spaceships and stuff. However, what I found was way more than just spaceships. Even after playing for years, I would still get amazed again and again every time I discovered a new aspect of this very complex game. The graphics and the music is also worth mentioning. There would be periods I felt like there were not that much left for me to do, and I ended up taking a break from the game, but I always ended up coming back. However, after I started running my mining fleet, EVE became even more fun than it had ever been before, and I realized even more of the potential of this massive sandbox world that EVE is. Soon I started toying with unusual ideas like a peaceful nullsec alliance and offering a range of services for free, and EVE became more and more fun. While EVE is a very fun challenge to learn to understand, and creating interesting and unusual fittings is great fun, the social aspect of it is now the most fun part for me. Being able to do some stuff, and get so much positive response from people is quite remarkable. This experience has even shaped how I go about doing stuff in real life now.

Can you give an overview of your history in EVE? What has been your main activites? How much experience do you have with pvp?

I started my first character Astevon back in January 2008, and I remember flying around in Verge Vendor trying to complete challenging lvl 1 missions in a frigate before the bonus timer ran out. I remember mining in a catalyst when a nice guy in a hulk convo'd me, helped me out a bit, and ended up inviting me to his corp Militek Industries (which I stayed in for years). He was a real manufacturer, so he would buy all my ore for a long time. Soon I would be mining in a retriever, and I realized I should start another character, so Astenin was born a month after Astevon. After mining for a while, I realized I needed a dedicated fleet booster, so Astesus was born another 1-2 months later. I mined quite a lot and did some missions, but after 3-4 months I realized I needed another character, probably as a dedicatede hauler, so Astesia was born. These 4 characters would go on as my main characters, and I ended up doing lvl 4 missions with them quite effectively (apart from losing 2 battleships in the same mission once). In the beginning I was based in Verge Vendor, my first move was to the Dodixie-area in Sinq Laison, and I would live there for years.

In 2011 I started playing around with ice mining, and I moved to Brapelille, an ice system in gallente space, and soon got quite amazed by how relaxing it was compared to rocks. This got my imagination started, and I started wondering how many characters I would be able to multibox effectively while mining ice. I somehow decided that I should try with 12, and I ended up creating 8 new accounts in the same day. I moved to Miah, an ice system in Amarr space, did some missions to get standings up as usual, and after a few months I had 12 characters doing ice mining quite effectively. I had no problems keeping them sustained with plex. However, by the time I had maxed all the new characters yieldwise, I got bored of the whole thing. I kept my 4 main accounts subscribed, but the others were frozen as I took another break from EVE.

In february 2013 I was doing some lvl 4 missions with a friend, and I decided I should move to Kakakela for the lvl 4 Caldari Navy agent there. As part of this move, I investigated ice systems nearby, and decided Otela was a great system, it having 19 belts, 3 jumps from Jita (in the same region) and it seemed quite easy to get standing with some of the stations. 14th of February I moved Astesus to Otela with his maxed orca (and he has not left Otela since). I started mining ice with 3 miners, the orca booster, and I reactivated Astecus because I needed a dedicated hauler, and this had been his role when I mined ice with those 12 characters earlier. I had decided that I would mine for one month and see if I would get bored. I started mining, but noticed quite a lot of other miners in the ice belt with me, and I figured I might as well invite them to fleet, as I did have maxed orca bonuses and plenty of room in the fleet. My fleet started growing, soon I had 10-20 fleet members, and fleet chat was getting lively. Running the fleet was becoming more and more fun! After the first month, I reactivated 3 more characters, and had decided I would mine for another month and see if I would be bored by then. But my fleet kept growing, and it became more and more fun. People started saying very nice things about what I was doing. When that month was over, I reacticated the 4 remaining accounts, I was now icemining with 12 characters again and loving it! The fleet kept growing, and the last few weeks before Odyssey hit in June, it would keep peeking over 100 fleet members.

After Odyssey, ice miners started moving around much more, and the fleet shrunk to about 30-40 members. If I had waited just 4 months, I would probably never even started ice mining again, and the fleet would never had happened the way it did. One of the main reasons I started mining ice was because there was enough ice for everybody. But this changed with Odyssey, and I didn't want to mine up all the ice from other miners with my fleet of skiffs, so I have not mined any ice since Odyssey. But I had seen how a simple act of kindness had built a fleet of 100, and I was determined to keep this going, continuing to improve my fleet and adapt to however EVE would change. I had gotten tons of very positive feedback about my way of helping for free, and it was very clear to me that I wanted to build on this and expand the range of services I would be providing. I started planning to improve the free refining service. By this time I had gained somewhat of a reputation, and it became clear to me that I might be able to use this reputation as part of my services. I got the idea to start several corps with zero tax and a streamlined process of jumping between them during wartime, providing a potensially much more interesting alternative to staying in NPC corps, which I saw lots of people were doing. I also had the idea of a peaceful alliance, that would work closely with these corps, exploring the very unusual concept of non-violent PvP. My reputation combined with a thorough process of filtering corp applications could lead to corps with tons of nice people, potensially uniting a big part of hisec, and inevitably becoming a great community. I am in the process of building these things up, and this is roughly where I am at the moment.

My experience with pvp has so far been mostly limited to countering suicide gankers on many occasions, as well as a couple of lowsec roams flying logistics. Once when my corp got wardecced by a 2man corp, I tried setting up a trap with 2 orcas and 3 skiffs, but it failed, and I lost a skiff. That was the first time I attacked someone to try to destroy their ship, hopefully it will be the last.

If you have employment history on any of your characters, can you give an overview of what the focus of these corps were, what you did in each of them, and most importantly why you left?

The first corp I joined was Militek Industries, which was a corp focused on mining, missioning and manufacturing. I was mostly involved in mining with the corp, occationally doing some missions. I did help out a little bit with some blueprint research, but never did any manufacturing. I think I left because the corp/alliance was being wardecced very often. Shortly after, I created my own corp Astral Mining.

Astesus was part of a corp called MarVcO Shadow Operations and Logistics for a while, which was a pvp corp made by a guy from Militek. However, I never actually did anything pvp-related in this corp. After a while, I pulled Astesus back into Militek.

In May 2010 I created my own corp called Astral Mining, which for years would just be a private corp for me and a good friend. We had 100% tax and used the corp wallet as a shared wallet. The only reason I have left it sometimes, is to avoid wardecs.

Astesia was part of Novak Heavy Industries for a short while, a corp interested in trying out my non-violent pvp idea, while waiting for me to build up the alliance. The plan was to start getting some nullsec experience, but RL put stuff on hold for a while. Astesia has now become CEO for Astral Guardians, another corp I created that will be the executor corp of the Astral Peacekeepers alliance.

I started providing the corp jumping service with Astral Mining in august 2013, finally opening it up to applications from the public. It grew steadily, but after only a few weeks we received the first wardec, and so I created the first new sister corp, Astral Industries, and we jumped over. However, it seemed our agressors were determined, since this corp received a wardec too. So it was then time for me to show them just how determined I was. I created 7 corps in rapid succession, with the new naming convention (divisions of Astral Sanctuary), jumped corp members to one of them and wrote a mail to our wardeccer listing all the corps and informing that I would create more corps if needed. We haven't received any more wardecs from those guys, that seemed like they were mercs.

I later created 3 more, for a total of 10 divisions. As a result of having so many corps, many of my characters are staying in them as CEO alone. After receiving some more wardecs and jumping successfully every time, our employment history has started to become nice/funny to look at, especially when we jump directly and not passing through NPC corps. This can be seen on the employment history for Astecus for instance.

What do you think about the rules in this corp?

Originally the rule was that members that had a killing blow on a kill report would be kicked and the alliance would provide the reimbursement to the victim. But then a clever fleet member suggested that the pilot having killing blow should do the reimbursement themselves, and only if they did not, they would be kicked. I liked this rule much better, and it even provided flexibility in cases where a cheap ship is attacking a very expensive ship, the expensive ship would have the option to destroy the cheap ship and only have to reimburse a small amount, compared to losing an expensive ship. The purpose of this rule is to make it less interesting to destroy people's ships, as I want nice people in my corp/alliance, instead of people that care about killboard statistics or want to make others burn.

Originally, the second rule was that warp jammers was never allowed at all, but I have since modified it a little, to allow people to for example hold outlaws back, since these people are very often gankers. Holding criminal pods can also keep them from ganking more. Finally, holding wartargets can be a nice way to offer to let them go if they surrender the war. It might be a bit unusual to warp jam someone and not destroy their ship, but in many ways this can be even more effective, because it makes sure they can't do harm anywhere else, unless they self-destructs.

It might sound a bit harsh to deny everybody with negative security status, but if you have it, you have almost certainly been bad to somebody, unless you have just been baiting concord or something, which I believe CCP views as an exploit, and something I don't really like doing. I want to capitalize on the importance of security status, so if people have been bad earlier, they actually have to put in a bit of effort to be accepted. The tags for security is a new mechanic that can help with this. I know that one of my characters, Astegon, currently has -0.2 sec status, but I plan to fix this hopefully soon. He got it after turning criminal 2 times, when I was testing some game mechanics for how drones with the assist/guard command react against criminals and stuff.

What kind of assistance can you provide to your fellow corp mates?

I can provide quite a bit, fleet bonuses, perfect refining, ganking protection, insight into many aspects of the game, mentoring and a forgiving and understanding attitude. And probably some more things I can't think of right now.

What do you hope to gain as part of this corp?

I hope to gain a part in a great community, with lots of people having fun together, working together, exploring together. I also hope that this community will be able to withstand any wardecs that might come our way.

What goals do you have for your future in EVE? Do you have any dreams?

I have a number of goals: Continue to improve the fleet, skill up better fleet resist boosters, and especially more maxed orca mining boosters to be able to expand the fleet to several systems. Maybe even up to 5 orcas, one for each wing. Expand my refining service to more stations. Improve the website to include all the info on my old infopage, pluss write a lot of new stuff about fits, guides, anti-ganking, etc. Build up the sister corps as good as possible. Build up the alliance and start exploring peaceful pvp, and write a lot on the website about all the different aspects of such an unusual concept.

I do have some dreams as well. I dream about being able to unite enough peaceful pilots of New Eden, to the point where we can really stand up against big alliances such as Goonswarm and others, and make an everlasting impact in EVE. I dream about participating in huge fleet battles where our side is peaceful. I believe these things could even reach mainstream media outside of EVE.

Can you post account wide API keys with access to everything (except mail) for every account you own?

Key ID: 2477964
Verification Code: yplCKBVlL2HevK6YdKv1QKkni7DZfRgW2qeZAmL1CRXIFx8HlI8G9fr7cpgL0rwg

Key ID: 2562727
Verification Code: uxBrWo4O9ziLGDMim1Rsmgamu6EHfqt6x7ZjljV5XOi3y7OpM2ms2KpHuksVEYFT

Key ID: 2562730
Verification Code: xy0DmGGroSDyF9JpLhtXIFsnLNMxFKlO39PuyVUDF3dMnoRUz1xd8vsN8NkSZ6EP

Key ID: 2562731
Verification Code: mEafM31wtvQI5HsqFPJRW8f9hIfBGRBtaUju9Xx2XXyEXk9B3HvAzJenUDpcbbYY

Key ID: 2562732
Verification Code: Kk3xVJmHkWWQ5HrA6qCzjdqMoOglYddHYpVTQoEnacu6k9JDa3ef17iwVwkNhg5g

Key ID: 2562734
Verification Code: tVkLIyBf6sO6ZNTdm9NcPTyb0VtnSfJHSc80FMxEnipyyV0sEcSj2POIgpEkzj2j

Key ID: 2562739
Verification Code: Aa55QfzI3AY4KHBw0X2F4RGwHQEsLYb7c4xVrTuTf648NyL8PboIYXEmbRk2wv2e

Key ID: 2562740
Verification Code: yEAz5LrYxtv3WzUbvj3lmAnTLhkGfNeHDiQSmkZ0KYaJOaiwiilMa2n9BzOrogm6

Key ID: 2562741
Verification Code: BEG6xfk9JF68vvofzmZ6jfSOn1XYff6HpGNxvhZXBgA8U9huSdln6hHhBwL0GTwB

Key ID: 2562744
Verification Code: cvHcN660utSmnt5UPnX2ZlBK4XhqIoENebZ6Ew5dOgoFZ9NkRQRb0c6qVvWXKye5

Key ID: 2562746
Verification Code: jB7TItomvC5qok7UklP8gmPFKFbgX5X9eFoMF2oTLxo8KjgfFqmcDVq9L8dtAHqY

Key ID: 2562749
Verification Code: f6Rb51TSy4FH6Mw167MvbN5O6Pr22VPyCKgZWIacDSuAbBcnjLqahv41cl0EjE2K

Key ID: 2638689
Verification Code: qutKzmVMPuk6ysrk1pC00qSh84s6qRM4bdnxBX2k7h6JnQERkVVXYY5Z68O56029

Key ID: 2638687
Verification Code: A2lHwYqpuWrZs1lPhcKvHam4zyPTZOz3DGTS2llki2vAtN1Q4O7tIjixEGM9rPv3

Many of these accounts have additional alts on them as well.