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Anti-gank related chat channels

v1.11 by Astevon 10 July 2018, first published 06 Jun 2014

We currently have two main public channels to assist anti-ganking efforts, one for help/discussion/community and one stricktly for intel. Both channels were tracked and searchable on, which has since closed.

General guidelines

  • MOTD = message of the day
  • Mail moderators (mods, listed below) about misbehavior. We do follow up on this, and it is quite important as we can't monitor channels constantly ourselves. Too many mails is better than too few.
  • Turn on chat timestamps with gear-button in top left corner of channel window, also reload MOTD here.
  • Use capital letters for abbreviations like those below, it makes it easier to read.
  • FR = flashing red (criminal)
  • FY = flashing yellow (suspect)
  • NV = no visual
  • KR = kill right

Channel name: Anti-ganking

This public channel was created just prior to the Caldari Ice Interdiction in august 2013, aiming to provide a place to share tactics and intel. It has since then evolved into a nice community, peeking over 300 members regularly. Supporting the community and trying to be an intel channel at the same time became more challenging as the channel grew, so Gank-Intel was created to take over the intel side. Known member record: 555 at 17.05.2015.

Channel name: Hypnos

This private channel was created in november 2013 to replace a private channel we believe was created by The Saint Tsero, which went MIA along with moderator access (we miss you!). Its main purpose is to provide a secure channel for trusted anti-gankers, but also doubles as a place for AG mods to discuss, as well as just a nice place for a tight-knit group to hang out.

We have probably been a bit too careful inviting people, and sometimes even kind of kept the channel a secret (for no good reason really), but a clear process of requesting/gaining access might get formulated in the future. Until then, your best bet is to make your AG efforts stand out somehow. Current member record is probably around 20.

Channel name: Gank-Intel

Gank-Intel was created in June 2014 and aims to be the public place to properly report suicide ganking in highsec and nothing else, so every time the channel is blinking, it should be relevant. Heavy moderation is used to accomplish this. Known member record: 500 at 17.05.2015.

Why report suicide ganking?

  • Potensial targets can stay in the loop about ganking activity in various areas.
  • Anti-gankers benefit a lot from knowing where gankers are, names of gank scouts, what ship they fly, etc.
  • For these reasons, your help in reporting what you see is greatly appreciated!

What to report

  • As much relevant and useful info as possible whenever a gank has happened or might happen.
  • Movement or gathering of active gankers (some details are best shared in secure channels, for instance if you are stalking a scout from belt to belt)

How to report

  • Don't post unnecessary! Hundreds watch the channel, don't waste our time =)
  • Try to condense as much related info into the same line as possible.
  • Always include a link to any solar system in question. If you start with the system followed by two colons, people will instantly know that the rest of the line relates to that system. Drag system from top left corner.
  • Link related kill reports when you can, they contain lots of useful info. Drag them from Character Sheet -> Combat Log -> Show kills/Show losses (or from local, etc).
  • First provide accurate facts, then add opinions, etc.

Once someone has posted something, there is a short window of 1-2 minutes where you might add additional info or corrections without causing that much damage. It's also okay to ask about activity in certain areas, or similar questions.


There are tons of potensial scenarios, below are some fabricated examples.

Kill: The Incredible (Hulk) just saw this linked in the Mining channel, seems to have happened an hour ago
Around 20 CODE in Isanamo, most of them flashing criminal, watch out freighters
Bille :: Guybertini just ganked a T1 barge from looking at wrecks, flashing criminal in local now, his scout Guybert flashing suspect
Osmon :: Kill: Aimona Mission (Tengu) I just got ganked in a mission, I guess 1.3 bill worth of bling fit is still a bit too much
Uedama :: Kill: Boosts R Us (Orca) Got ganked hours ago while afk, will fit damage control next time
HaulerGuy > My freighter has been bumped away from the Isanamo gate in Sobaseki for 5 min, please help
Astecus > Coming, please accept fleet invite
MinerJoe > Poinen :: Kill: MinerJoe (Retriever) I just got ganked, scout might have been flying a procurer, didn't catch the name
GankerTracker 9000 > Keikira Otsada who killed you is a longtime ganker, Dwin Utrigas is his scout often flying a procurer
Sir Jamsalot > Otela :: Kill: Agent 312 (Catalyst) Kill: Agent 313 (Catalyst) Agent 314 2 of 3 jammers hit, mackinaw survived at 89% armor, didn't get the last kill report
OldMack > Kill: Agent 314 (Catalyst) my drones whored on it, you saved my ass, thanks a lot!
Sir Jamsalot > My pleasure! The scout was James 315 btw, flying a stabber fleet issue

Mostly Active Moderators (as of 10 July 2018)

  • Astevon
  • Thomas en Chasteaux
  • msagro artemist
  • Paulus Titans

If you see misbehavior go unchecked, please mail one or more mods about it. We do follow up on this, and it is quite important as we can't monitor channels constantly ourselves. Too many mails is better than too few.

Mostly Inactive Moderators

Mailing these might be hit and miss.

  • Jennifer en Marland
  • Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette
  • Brad Neece
  • Vodka Revolution
  • Pulttl

Ex Moderators

  • Gorila Vengaza (2014: Turned rogue and joined CODE)
  • Kalynn Shardani (2015: Died)
  • Alexander Kaan (2018: Didn't want to be mod any more)
  • Sarah Flynt (2018: Quitting EVE)

General moderator guidelines

  • The default duration for kicking is 30 min, change this to 0 min to make it a permanent ban.
  • Always use the right-click menu on the character inside the channel window to kick/mute them, as this allows you to type in a reason and duration. You can use the channel settings window as well, but this is best used for banning corps/alliances.
  • Always add a proper reason when you can, like "Disruptive", "Spammer", "Disrespectful", "Off-topic", etc. This helps us keeping track 6 months down the road.
  • A muted character will see a message in red with duration and reason, while a kicked character will just see the channel window being closed without any message.
  • Only moderators will see a message in red when a character is kicked/muted. Sometimes it can be useful to show this message to everybody in the channel by rightclicking it and copy-pasting. To make this quotation more visible, after pasting into text box, press ctrl+a and ctrl+i to format it as italic.
  • Known gankers, gank scouts and associates should be kicked.
  • People obviously attempting to disrupt the channel should be kicked. There has been a number of trash talkers and 5 minute old spammers, etc.
  • Try to keep the block-list mirrored between both channels.
  • When in doubt, it's always a good call to ask other moderators for opinions.
  • Sometimes mods get contacted by people wondering why they were banned, etc. If you don't know, check the blocklist for who did the banning and forward communications to them.
  • Don't burn yourself out! If you get stressed, just take a break. It's a game, not a job.

Moderator guidelines for Anti-ganking

  • We want moderation in Anti-ganking to be fairly relaxed, primarily focused on people being disrespectful.
  • People talking disrespectfully should be verbally corrected or muted for a few min with a descriptive reason. Degrading namecalling and character attacks in particular should be confronted, otherwise use your best judgement. Staying respectful is not that much to ask for. If they refuse, they should be kicked.
  • Heated discussions might need to be cooled down if it gets out of hand. Muting for 5 min should help, "cool down" can be an okay reason.

Moderator guidelines for Gank-Intel

  • Characters posting non-intel should be either verbally corrected or muted, refering to channel guidelines. Keep in mind we don't want lots of moderator talk either, especially if stuff happened 10 min ago and stopped by itself.
  • Often people slip and start chatting non-intel, then it can be practical to give them a 1 minute mute reminder with a reason something like: "Short mute reminder: Intel only please, everything else in Anti-ganking (this msg is not public)". This will hopefully avoid people getting fired up when they think they have been moderated more than they have, or think the message is public and feel they have been outed or shamed.
  • Characters reporting poorly will hopefully learn from seeing others report in a good way. They could also be instructed in Anti-ganking, if they are there.
If a channel member feels that they have been moderated unfairly, feel free to mail a mod about it. Note that if your mail is selfish, ignorant or poorly thought out, we might not waste time replying.